Good Credit: Check It Is Reliable and Safe

Nowadays there are a number of web platforms for consumers, business owners and retailers to consult and acquire credits and financing. But many Internet users still have questions about the safety and reliability of these sites.

What is Good Credit?


The platform was created to broker negotiations between financial institutions and merchants, especially small and medium-sized ones, to facilitate consumers’ access to credit in stores. The shopkeeper can easily and quickly check the internet for a variety of financing for each type of customer.

After registering, the merchant will have a permission to access the site and maintain a secure connection with financial institutions of the consumer credit segment. After the merchant enters customer data such as name, address and social security number, the platform connects the institutions and indicates the credit conditions available to the consumer. If the customer accepts, the purchase is made.

Credit Good Credit is reliable and secure.

Good Credit Products

Good Credit Products

See the products and services offered by the company.

  • Direct Consumer Credit (CDC)

One of the best known forms of lending after the stabilization of the Brazilian economy, Direct Consumer Credit (CDC) is made available by the platform, for individuals to finance the purchase of a good or service, through merchants affiliated with the site and its partners. . Remembering that the proposal is subject to credit analysis.

  • Credit life insurance

This product gives more peace of mind to the buyer who used Direct Consumer Credit. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, such as involuntary unemployment, physical incapacity, death or disability, Credit Life Insurance guarantees the payment of installments or the outstanding balance of a loan.

  • Extended warranty

In addition to facilitating access to credit in accredited stores, the site also offers consumers the Extended Warranty. The customer is assured of maintaining the product warranty even after the legal warranty or contractual warranty expires.

Check out Good Credit’s products and services.

Is Good Credit reliable and secure?


For over three years in the market, Good Credit has a digital certificate, ensuring that all data is encrypted, which ensures excellent security so that information is not stolen. Another tool that enforces the security and reliability of the site is its privacy policy and terms of use.

In one of the privacy policy items, for example, the platform undertakes to take all appropriate measures to preserve digital security and the confidentiality of all information provided by registered users.

Another piece of information that leaves consumers and shopkeepers reassured about the platform’s transparency is that it has no complaints on Complain Here.

In addition, the site’s partners have experience in finance and retail, and have conducted numerous studies to support retailers’ growing demand for credit products. And to simplify loan application and access, as well as enabling more integration between tenants and financial institutions, the company hired skilled specialists to find solutions for access to credit.

Now, once you know everything about the company, you are more comfortable and secure in accessing Good Credit and anticipating your purchases, even when you don’t have money in your pocket when you pay. Stay with us and leave your comment!